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Mobius connects any app, device, and data stream to the blockchain ecosystem. Our simple and easy to use bidirectional API allows non-blockchain developers to easily connect resources to smart contracts and more. The Mobius MVP acts like Stripe for Blockchain by introducing innovative standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, smart contract management, and oracles. The Mobius Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol facilitates smart markets. This opens the door for the decentralized commerce of tomorrow where machine to machine (M2M) micropayments trade real world data.


Cyrus S. Khajvandi

Stanford University, B.S., Biological Sciences, with Honors

Past: Co-Founder & CEO, Incentru

Advisor to Credo &

Early Adopter of BTC, ETH/C

NSF & HHMI Researcher

David S. Gobaud

Stanford University, B.S., Computer Science

Harvard Law School, J.D.

Past: Co-Founder, Yoshi

White House

Y Combinator


Monis Rahman

Stanford University, Ph.D., Computational & Mathematical Engineering (on leave)

Auction & Market Design, Deep Learning, Big Data

Past: CTO, Next 2 Percent

Purdue, B.S. Computer Engineering

Advisory Board

Jack Lee

Founding Managing Partner, HCM Capital (Foxconn Technology Group)

Board Director, Chained Finance

Board Director, FNConn

Board Director, Abra

Jed McCaleb

Co-Founder of

Co-Founder of Ripple

Creator of eDonkey2000

Chandler Guo

Bitcoin and Blockchain Startup Angel

One of China's Largest Bitcoin Miners

Network of 40+ Exchanges

Jackson Palmer

Creator of Dogecoin

Daniel Cawrey

Co-Founder & CEO Pactum Capital