Crypto Portfolio

A cryptocurrency portfolio template with LIVE updates.

Hundred Thousand Mobius Homepage

Own a piece of Mobius history!


I chose 15 Cryptos and analyzed them over a course of 1 month. 400% Profit.

Trading Assisting Spreadsheet

Google spreadsheet designed to help with crypto trading. Cost is 250 credits!

Big Baller!

Show that you are at the top of the crypto foodchain!


Baccarat, 百家乐

Mobi Predict

This is a time prediction game that let you predict when Mobius Public sales will Sell out

Create, collect and trade digital assets that predict the public opinion and value of things.

Poker Texas Holdem Calculator

Application for fast and accurate calculating equity in poker


Earn more credits with the game Twenty-one.


Join the numbers and get to the 4096 tile!

Mobius Wordpress Plugin

This is a Simple Payment plugin which you can use to charge users on your website for Mobius (MOBI).


Daily Football match forecast and predictions

Since Last Login

The simplest way to drive updates to your users


Stellar Based Lotto - deposit credits and then wager in the game!


Cryptocurrency Spam Solution

Relaxing Words

A relaxing word-search game. If you get stuck, spend MOBI to get hints! Hints start at 1 MOBI.

Orbs CCG

The next generation collectible card game! For each 4 Mobius you deposit, you'll earn 1 credit in game.

Flappy Bird

Don't let Flappy die!