Nirvana Capital, Early Buyers of QTum, OmiseGO, and Golem, Joins 28,000 Registered Participants As Mobius Passes $30 Million in MOBI Tokens Sold in Pre-Sale

January 5, 2018, George Town, Grand Cayman — Mobius Network, a turn-key blockchain-enabling data platform, and Nirvana Capital, a blockchain-focused fund, today announced the strategic purchase of 1,900 Ethereum worth of MOBI tokens. Nirvana’s portfolio includes five of the top 10 tokens by market capitalization, including Qtum (#16), OmiseGO (#25), Golem (#39), Raiden Network (#93), and ChainLink (#97). Mobius has now sold out of its tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 MOBI token pre-sale allotment.

“Mobius is the first ICO launching on Stellar and it will play a very big part in its ecosystem,” said Alfred Jiang, Managing Partner, Nirvana Capital. “With their technology and talented team, I expect to see an exuberant 2018.”

Mobius recently welcomed Jack Lee, Founding Managing Partner of HCM Capital of Foxconn, and Chandler Guo, China’s largest Bitcoin miner, to their Advisory Board. Other Advisory Board members include Jed McCaleb, cofounder of Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP), and Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin (DOGE). Mobius has a patent-pending technology that connects real-world data to blockchain and a universal API that allows existing Internet companies to integrate into the blockchain economy. Their team consists of Stanford University and Harvard Law School grads, with experience working for the Obama administration White House.

“Nirvana Capital has a great track record of buying tokens of blockchain companies that are producing groundbreaking technology,” said David Gobaud, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobius. “We’re excited to have them join our diverse array of token purchasers, particularly in the Chinese market.”

Mobius Network’s MOBI token is set to go on sale in mid-January. Find out more information here: https://mobius.network/

About Mobius Network

Mobius is a turn-key blockchain solution for all technology companies. Founded by a team of disruptive entrepreneurs and blockchain developers, Mobius provides stability, credibility, and solid framework to a rapidly developing ecosystem. MOBI is the token used by the Mobius Network to reward safe and secure transactions and data sharing throughout the Blockchain economy.
Mobius is based in Grand Cayman.

About Nirvana Capital

Nirvana Capital is a blockchain-focused fund. The founding members are early supporters of Ethereum.

Nirvana Capital is based in British Virgin Islands with an offices in Beijing, China. Find out more here: http://nirvana.capital/