Founded By Stanford, Harvard and White House Alumni, Mobius’ Technology Allows Existing Internet Companies to Integrate With the Blockchain Ecosystem, While Making Cryptocurrency Transactions Cheaper and More Secure

November 20, 2017, San Francisco, CA — Mobius Network, a turn-key blockchain-enabling platform, and Camp One Ventures, a leading venture capital firm focused on emerging technologies, today announced a $500K investment that will help grow and develop Mobius’ patent-pending technology. Mobius Network’s MOBI token is set to go on sale November 22, with the pre-sale currently taking place. Mobius offers a range of products, including a free, universal API that allows non-blockchain developers to easily connect resources to smart contracts and the blockchain ecosystem. Existing web properties, apps, devices, and data streams can utilize the API to integrate and accept any blockchain token.

“We are very excited to be part of the Mobius project,” said Robert Claassen, Principal, Camp One Ventures. “We believe that Mobius has one of the strongest teams in the crypto market, and is solving some key roadblocks to widespread cryptocurrency adoption.”

13,000 people have currently registered for the MOBI token pre-sale. MOBI is the token used by the Mobius network. Tech companies that accept the MOBI token for payment are featured in the Mobius DApp Store and gain access to transaction speeds of 1,000+ TPS with fees of $0.0000025, compared to Ethereum’s ~7 TPS and fees greater than $0.30. Mobius’ team consists of previous startup founders with backgrounds and experiences from Stanford University in computer science, Harvard Law School, and Y Combinator along with an experienced team of advisors including the cofounder of Stellar and Ripple.

“We’re very excited to be working with Camp One Ventures, who share our vision of making blockchain accessible to all people,” said David Gobaud, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobius. “With this investment and the proceeds from the token sale, we are making the blockchain economy more secure from hacks, and finally allowing consumer-facing apps to use various cryptocurrencies with much cheaper and faster transactions. The consumer benefits, while content creators are free to create the products and services they want outside of the Apple and Google app store duopoly”

A limited amount of pre-sales of Mobius’ MOBI token is currently taking place. Find more information here: https://mobius.network/

About Mobius Network

Mobius is a turn-key blockchain solution for all technology companies. Founded by a team of disruptive entrepreneurs and blockchain developers, Mobius provides stability, credibility, and solid framework to a rapidly developing ecosystem. MOBI is the token used by the Mobius Network to reward safe and secure transactions and data sharing throughout the Blockchain economy.
Mobius is based in Grand Cayman.

About Camp One Ventures

Camp One Ventures is an early stage venture fund series that bridges startups from Angel-funded ideas to institutional Series A-ready operations. Camp One’s partners have deep domain expertise in Financial Technology and they have been rooted in Silicon Valley since the 1990s. Camp One funds start-ups that are managed by exceptional core teams of entrepreneurs, are focused on large markets, or that have business models that disrupt entire industries.