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Mobius makes it easy to integrate fast and free mobile payments into apps and businesses.

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A home for your money

Use the Mobius Mobile Wallet App to store, send, exchange and receive cryptocurrencies on the Stellar network.

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Send and receive money using simple QR codes.

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No more inflated prices due to credit card fees, and your first 10,000 transactions are on us.*


Your private key is stored safely on your phone, giving you complete control.


Store and exchange MOBI, XLM, BTC, or any of the 1000s of assets on Stellar.

Move money quickly and without fees

Mobius is built on top of the Stellar network, whose novel consensus model, SCP, allows for incredibly fast and near-zero fee transactions.

For every $100 USD you send...

Mobius takes seconds, $0 in fees

Stripe takes seconds, $3.20 in fees

Ethereum takes 50 minutes, $0.70 in fees

Bitcoin takes 50 minutes, $0.70 in fees

Discover and use DApps

An open-source, decentralized app store interface for discovering DApps and paying with crypto.

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Visit the DApp store and explore our collection of apps that you can pay for using MOBI.

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The Mobius SDK makes it easy to start collecting coin payments.

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