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Nov 8, 2017

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Mobius closes the gap between the internet world and blockchain world through innovative and simple protocols that introduce new standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance, and oracles.


Features protocols


Mobius is building innovative and simple cross-blockchain protocols to connect billions of people and devices to the blockchain ecosystem.

Features dapp

DApp Store

The Mobius DApp Store is a best of breed platform with live developer apps ready to use today. Long gone are the high fees and restrictions imposed by Apple and Google. Mobius gives power back to developers and end users by decentralizing the 2021 $6.3 trillion app economy.

Features token


The Mobius token (MOBI) powers the Mobius Network and facilitates value transfer, decentralized community governance, and vested stake based reputation systems and oracles.


Benefits interoperable


The Mobius universal protocol APIs work across all blockchains and connect the internet world to the blockchain ecosystem so developers only have to learn and support one standard.

Benefits simple


The Mobius protocols allow developers to easily implement and support advanced decentralized blockchain features such as token payments, login, governance, and oracles.

Benefits secure


Mobius takes care of security so developers do not have to by requiring SSL and AES-256 bit encryption throughout the network as well as using cold storage with multi-signature wallets.


User 11 User 12
David S. Gobaud

Stanford University, B.S., Computer Science

Harvard Law School, J.D.

Past: Co-Founder, Yoshi

White House

Y Combinator


User 21 User 22
Cyrus S. Khajvandi

Stanford University, B.S., Biological Sciences, with Honors

Past: Co-Founder & CEO, Incentru

Advisor to Credo &

Early Adopter of BTC, ETH/C

NSF & HHMI Researcher

User 31 User 32
Monis​ ​Rahman

Stanford University, Ph.D., Computational & Mathematical Engineering (on leave)

Auction & Market Design, Deep Learning, Big Data

Past: CTO, Next 2 Percent

Stanford University School of Medicine, Researcher in Immunology

Purdue, B.S. Computer Engineering


User 41 User 42
Jed McCaleb

Co-Founder of

Co-Founder of Ripple

Creator of eDonkey2000

User 51 User 52
Jackson Palmer

Creator of Dogecoin

User 9 User 10
Daniel Cawrey

Co-Founder & CEO Pactum Capital